Oktober 26

Kyber Network has launched a platform to create a market within the network.

The developers of the Kyber Network protocol have launched a Crypto Engine structure that is designed to facilitate the creation of an on-line market with the participation of professional liquidity providers.

According to the statement, KyberPRO provides liquidity system, tools, documentation and technical support to facilitate entry into DeFi for professional market makers.

The latter, according to the Kyber Network team, can bring in „significant liquidity and value“. This requires a suitable structure, as the block-order book traditionally used by central exchanges is inefficient and automated market makers (AMMs) are not suitable, developers are sure.

They have called KyberPRO „an integrated platform for professionals that allows them to easily connect to the network and conduct profitable market activities with minimal knowledge of smart contracts“.

It should be reminded that the developers of the Kyber Network updated Katalyst in early June, and users of the KNC token have the opportunity to stack. During the first day, almost 6% of the market coin supply was frozen in the protocol. The figure is now over 26% (StakingRewards).

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