November 20

„Not my cup of tea“: Bitcoin still annoys the boss of the queen of banks, JP Morgan

JD does not change position – Jamie Dimon, the big boss of JPMorgan Chase & Co, was yesterday the guest of the DealBook Summit, organized by the New York Times. He again expressed his reluctance towards Bitcoin, responding to questions from Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Bitcoin, „the blockchain“, governments

JPMorgan analysts predict a „bright future“ for Bitcoin. But the operations manager of the famous bank, who qualified our favorite cryptocurrency as “fraud” in 2017, prefers the famous “blockchain” .

ARS: 3 or 4 years ago, I asked you about Bitcoin. Back then, you didn’t believe in Bitcoin. You thought governments wouldn’t allow it, but you were a fan of cryptocurrency. Looks like you’ve changed your mind. I would like to know why?

JD: I don’t know if I’ve changed my mind. We use blockchain. We have the JPMorgan Coin, which is backed by the dollar. Thanks to the blockchain, you can move money, split it into very small amounts. We believe in properly regulated and insured cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is different, and it’s not my cup of tea. I am not interested in Bitcoin. The blockchain as such will be crucial in enabling people to move money around the world inexpensively.

ARS: I appreciate the fact that you make that distinction. So you haven’t changed your mind. At the time, your argument against Bitcoin was that it would never be regulated strictly speaking.

JD: My experience with governments makes me believe that they can regulate anything, whenever they want. Bitcoin is currently worth around $ 200 billion. If it continues to get bigger and bigger, it will be regulated. And it’s starting to happen all over the world. There is a bunch of smart people who invest in bitcoin with the belief that its capitalization will exceed that of gold. Let them do it! This is not my cup of tea!

Bitcoin and cryptos: a delicious cup of tea

Jamie Dimon is certainly right about one thing: Governments don’t like Bitcoin. And the more successful it is, the more they will try to regulate it. But the first of the cryptocurrencies is precisely designed to resist censorship , and it is difficult to bet on the outcome of this battle.

Speaking of cup of tea , the cryptocurrency market has just formed a magnificent chartist figure called cup and handle or cup and handle . It is a strongly bullish pattern , heralding extensive growth .

In order to confirm it, we will have to close the month of November above the cup. And we are off to a good start.